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          Welcome to Our Website Hotline: 4008-575-888
                 中文版  |  ENGLISH

          About Us

          Fujian Jinlu Daily Chemicals Co.,Ltd

                   We are Goldeer Daily Chemicals for unremitting efforts and make innovation in 33 years.          Fujian Jinlu Daily Chemicals Co.,Ltd was founded in August 1981, now is a leading          manufacturer in China which specialized i


          23 provinces covered by products
          Export of 15 countries

          After more than 30 years
          The quality is consistent

          Well-known trademark and invention patent
          The number of awards is over 100

          Disinfection, washing, paper products
          Three categories of more than 200 items

          Its Brand
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          Goldeer brand consecutive two years to...

          Goldeer brand consecutive two years to finalist China top 500 companies most val...
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